Time: Part 1


For the first time today, I had to navigate the winding mountain roads between Chattanooga and Nashville during scattered flurries. Gusts of wind rocked my van, and fog crept, thin and grey, over the asphalt. Though these poor conditions demanded most of my attention, I saw bronze pines and skeletal maples dusted white, shivering along the roadside. Where the visibility was good, I could see them littered across the rolling mountain tops. It was breathtaking. I lamented my lack of a camera the entire trip. That wasn’t the only thing I lamented, though. When it comes to the beginning and ending of the seasons, I don’t abide by the calendar, so to me, seeing snow means that fall has come and gone without much showmanship. And suddenly time has flown like that. It’s November. 

“But how?” I asked. “I need time to stop, just for a little while.”
And thus a realization came to me: A year is a year. A month is a month. So on and so forth. One doesn’t go faster than the other. Time neither hastens nor dawdles, despite what it might seem like to us. It persists at one speed, tick tock, tick tock, and we powerless, infinitesimal beings have no influence upon it. That’s just the way it is.
More on this later.



4 thoughts on “Time: Part 1

  1. Lovely post. I’ve been watching the weather forecast in Tennessee, NC, VA, as I have family around there and was wondering if there had been snow flurries.
    Regarding time: it’s a funny beast. Obviously the clock doesn’t change, but I must say that time has seemed to speed up as I age It’s a very subjective experience. I don’t need to stop time, but I certainly wish I could slow it down!

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