What Can Harm Me?

I wrote this while on a 24-hour long bus ride. It was while we were driving through the Smoky Mountains that nature’s undeniable beauty and the words of an A.W. Tozer  sermon compelled me to put pen to paper – or – fingers to keyboard. “Nothing can harm a man (or woman) who follows that which is Good” is an essential truth that I think is all the more important to remember when we live in a world ridden with disease and illnesses which do all kinds of harm to our bodies, but not our souls. We are only harmed if we allow the physical to impact our spiritual selves, and by following that which is Good, we combat the devil’s attempts to lure us away with worldly pain.   

With flawed worldly thinking I want what I don’t need.

I hunger and thirst,  neither fed nor quenched by Thee.

Temptation entreats my soul,

Bids me away from the One who makes me whole.

It draws me in with the allure of sin, the gratification of now, not the power within.

Lord, I am your servant re-invent me anew,

The old me is gone, I now follow you.

Lord, Manifest yourself in me, in everything that I do.

Breathe your message into my heart, so Your love can shine through.

The life that I live is no longer my own.

No longer a slave, I rest in you alone.

I rest in you alone, Lord, I walk in your shade.

Your roaring fire at night turns my night into day.

Though the devil may batter and abuse my frail frame,

Your spirit in me dwelling, Your truth still remains.

You’re the strength in my weakness, the success in my pain.

Through trail and tribulation my faith does not wane.

No circumstance abound can separate me from Thee

Cannot sway me from Thee, cannot deviate me from Thee

For I am redeemed, Lord, I am what You make me.


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